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Our main focus is on PEOPLE, which is why we introduce ourselves as PGI – People Growth Institute. We operate globally, impacting more than 33 countries in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Our team is multicultural, experienced and with a diverse background, bringing best global practices to our training participants.

How do we drive PEOPLE’S GROWTH? We use learning interventions that consider biological factors for greater retention, incorporating active methodologies such as Project Based Learning, Problem Based Learning, Case Studies, Simulations, Role Plays, Dynamics, Assessments, Group Discussions and Presentations, as well as techniques such as Backwards Thinking, among others. Our trainings are light, fun and, above all, extremely effective.

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Founder, Trainer & Coach

Fabio Salaverry

Fabio has over thirty years of experience in the commercial area (mainly in retail), acquired both in sales and in purchase with multinational and large Brazilian companies. In the last twenty years, Fabio has helped Executives and Leaders to outperform through training and coaching in cutting-edge techniques and concepts on outstanding Leadership, Sales, Communication, Strategy, Negotiation, Influence and Facilitation Skills.

Christopher Butler

Christopher develops and delivers training programs around the world, providing coaching to executives at leading organizations across multiple industries. His experience encompasses empowering executives to achieve superior results in leadership, communication, presentations, sales and negotiation.

Cibele Abud

Cibele has over 18 years of experience dedicated to the People universe. Over the years, she had the opportunity to develop herself in Business Partner Skills, People Strategy, Workforce Planning, Merge & Acquisitions, Change Management, Culture, Communication & Inspiring Presentations, Creativity, Design Thinking and in the recent years, she became specialist on Mental Health & Neuroscience applied to human behaviors.

Daniel Faingezicht

Daniel has more than 20 years as a consultant and trainer (especially in the automotive sector), developing projects in the areas of management, new business, marketing & sales, innovation, customer experience and quality for companies.

Dionísio Raony

Dionísio is a learning experience designer and has 18 years of experience developing people in Brazil and around the world. Brings a strong background in scientific research and entrepreneurship. He helps leaders resolve their performance gaps as a trainer, coach and corporate consultant, creating and facilitating experiences using Gamification, Game Design, Agility, Storytelling and Cultural Design.
Trainer & Consult

Helton Haddad

Helton Haddad Silva is a consultant, trainer and a professor with many years of experience in strategic marketing and sales planning, management and execution. Helton has experience in delivering training and consultancy to global and local companies in the Brazilian market, interacting with managers from Latin America, North America and Europe.

Manuel Matos

Manuel is an internationally recognized facilitator, coach and consultant across a range of skills, including leadership, sales, negotiation and communication. His experience and knowledge enable people to go beyond their usual levels of understanding and performance.
Trainer & Coach

Richard Dubini

Richard has more than 25 years of professional experience and has dedicated years of his career to the automotive and technology sectors. In recent years he has worked as a coach and trainer in the areas of management & leadership development, negotiation, conflict resolution, communication and change management and implementation of new processes. Richard has an international Coaching Certification from ICI.
PGI Operations & Consult

Tiago Tavares

Tiago has more than 15 years working in the development of commercial strategies and leadership of sales and marketing teams in various sectors such as engineering, telecomm, supplies and energy. Specialist in customer journey, customer success, sales experience, digital marketing with a focus on improving customer satisfaction and loyalty, commercial expansion, business strategies and excellence in customer experience.

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